Bernie Sanders’ American nightmare

Bernie Sanders thinks the American dream is in Denmark and praises the Scandinavian nation for considering Public health-care a right. “If we screen out those who are sick in advance, we can accommodate and care for others.” This is how the Danes are informed about the benefits of their National screening program that targets Down syndrome and is offered free to all pregnant women. There’s only one flaw: Down syndrome is NOT a disease. Most people with Down syndrome live happy, healthy lives.

collage4According Danish news paper Berlingske Denmark decided in 2004 not to listen to people who complain of human selection and started promoting abortion of fetuses diagnosed with Down syndrome so their society will be free of such people and perfect in the future. Since then the number of children born with Down syndrome have fallen by around 13 percent annually. Here’s a recent Danish headline: with a termination rate of 98%, Down syndrome is headed for extinction.

Medical advances are often introduced in public health-care systems with the promise they will be “individually assessed”, but it is naive to believe this. The norm is being Down-syndrome free and genetically perfect, and technology will be used to achieve conformity to that norm. The prenatal screening train has been placed on a high speed track and the goal is eliminating Down syndrome (and other genetic variations).

The adding up of a lot of individual choices to the ‘acceptability’ of aborting certain kinds of embryos or fetuses resembles eugenics in the search for a ‘perfect child’.”, Unesco’s bioethics committee warned in 2015.

How long are we going to keep up the shenanigans that prenatal screening is about women’s free choice? Danish women spilled in a 2015 documentary called Dead over Downs, how they are routinely misinformed and scared about the condition with stories of hardship. Those that dare to resist screening or abortion, are bullied and called irresponsible for having a child that is ‘a burden to society’.

That is psychological coercion and it amounts to massive and grave violation under International law, especially when the aim of a state is to reduce medical costs.

While Denmark is consistently hyped as the happiest place on earth, I think happiness is confused with a state of numbness and comfort. When love, pain, freedom and the art of living are being dismissed in a society, it starts to resemble the place Huxley describes in Brave New World.

Now the last remaining Danes with Downs are reaching out to the world through a series of video-clips produced by a small indie media company appositely named TV Glad. They are asking people worldwide to “please stand up against a society that systematically wipes out Down syndrome”.

It is hard to imagine this happening in the United States, or even the rest of Europe, but it was unthinkable in Denmark not so long ago. Many countries, including the UK, the Netherlands and France, have recently proposed to implement genetic screening into their public health-care systems. Genetic genocide has now become a global threat.geld1

Groups of people who are considered ‘expensive’ or ‘useless’ are being wiped out under the pretense of ‘public health-care”. That is not a dream but a nightmare from which we should wake up. 

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