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Dutch Minister of Health: if National screening program leads to disappearance of people with Down syndrome, society has to accept thatHappy

“Minister Schippers asks society to respect those who judge a life with Down syndrome unworthy. But what about those who find themselves on the other side, those who are judged by their genetic disposition? People with Down contribute to our communities and are celebrated by their families. Screening to enable selection reduces them to disposable human waste. People with Down should be respected too.

I happen to have two kids with Down syndrome. Their continued existence as a group is made entirely dependent upon the value judgment of others. If a government encourages the idea that certain people can be considered unworthy of life, that message doesn’t magically disappear at the time of birth. That negative stigmatization continues after birth and takes root in all aspects of society. The discussion in a morally and socially responsible society should not be about how to eradicate a group and ‘legally’ get away with it. It should be about creating equality and better opportunities for everyone.”

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Een gedachte over “Today, on the Huffington Post…

  1. For english speaking people,

    When downsyndrome should dissapear…..
    It is about 15000-24000 people total in NL.
    Average 250 born each year in NL, an average age of 60, is 250*60, is 15000 people.
    Down ‘happens’ 1 on 454 baby’s (average), 180000 bearth’s each year in NL.
    396*60=24000 people
    Very many people we will miss, those who remain are very lonely (in a hard, to much selfish world).

    Meanwhile waiting for NIP-test result is about half a million years??
    (TRANSLATE my other reactions into English, there you will find how I calculated this)
    Meanwhile goes about 24 million euro (to much) to the laboraty?
    (Total costs NIPT in the first year (with medical reasons only) are about 2 million euro, now in 2017 there is 26 million euro available.)
    When they live it costs about only 20 eurocent each month for you, a social society is extremely strong.
    Sharing is not weak!

    All this only because of the more justpositve (TP) NIPT-results numbers with Down are enough to get a ‘profit’ of heath (read: the possible death) of 4%???
    [Other trisomies (T18 and T13) give to many falspositive results, you can’t risk the life of your baby (in France the lives of about 860 healthy babies each year), the chance that it is healthy is more than 50%
    (according to official numbers of the year 2016.)]
    Can you calculate heath? No, then you can’t calculate costs.
    Each birth is different in nature.

    My question to you, the reader, is:
    “What did they do wrong?
    Is there anything more innocent then a newborn baby?”
    So please sign the petition: stopdiscriminatingdown
    if you want and let your heart speak.

    You are the most luckiest when you have people around who need you,
    as many as they need you.
    We need these people very much because they ask for our love.


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