Naturally Imperfect

odd_bunch_brandifv10 (1)

A woman walks in a vegetable and fruit store and asks…

Can I have a cucumber, sir?”

Certainly Madam, would you like this class A cucumber on the shelf or a class B cucumber from the box on the floor?”

I don’t know. What’s the difference?”

Class A passed the test and class B didn’t.”

Well just give me the one with the best taste.”

They are not tested for taste, but for straightness madam. Class B has a crooked shape and that makes stacking and peeling a bit awkward.”

My family comes for dinner and I want to prepare a tasty salad.”

Well, the success of your salad really depends on the other ingredients and the dressing because the taste of these cucumbers is equal.”love-by-real-cucumbers

What should I do?”

Most people choose class A, because it fits easier in the grocery-bag and vegetable drawer in the fridge.”

Fine. Give me a straight, class A cucumber then. But tell me, what happens to the cucumbers that fail the test?”

Luckily, stories like these are getting rare. Green activists have saved oddly shaped veggies from ending up as waste. Once again they are found on grocery shelves between their ‘straight’ cousins. Good; because perfection and conformity do not exist in nature.

Time to protect human diversity because CHILDREN WITH DOWN SYNDROME FACE AN ABSURD SITUATION…

This message is brought to you by Downpride: human diversity is people business

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