B R E A K I N G N E W S : we reached 40,000 signatures!

fireworksThe Dutch petition against the implementation of the Nipt as routine screening for Down syndrome to enable selection under public healthcare has received 40,000 signatures. This means it has to be discussed in Dutch parliament as a citizen initiative.

Shareholders pay attention! We will continue and broaden our fight against prenatal discrimination and the de-selection of people with Down syndrome disguised as a (public) health care program.

Ps. This post is written in English to make it easier to spread the news and celebrate our victory that is the result of a long awareness campaign. Downpride promotes the use of genetic technology to enhance quality of life and enable treatment, not to systematically de-select groups of people from our lives and communities under the false pretence of women’s choices and healthcare. Please feel free to share the news…

2 gedachtes over “B R E A K I N G N E W S : we reached 40,000 signatures!

  1. Hello Renate,

    Nothing seems to be as hard as trying to fight against prejudicial standpoints especially in case of our Dutch gouvernment . You gave a loud and clear signal by reaching the threshold for bringing your case in front of the second chamber. But after this point comes the hard part and that is getting enough support from as many parties for your standpoint. I am curious how this case will turn out .But no mather the outcome you have my full support on this subject.

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  2. Dit is op AVORTUL UCIDE herblogden reageerde:
    O idee interesanta de lupta impotriva diagnosticelor pre-natale. In Olanda: petitia impotriva dignosticului pentru Sindrom Down a ajuns la 40 000 de semnaturi, ceea ce inseamna ca poate fi inaintata Parlamentului olandez drept initiativa cetateneasca:


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