Mensen met Downsyndroom voorgedragen voor 2014 ‘Public Peace Prize’

Genomineerd om hun “real ability to diffuse peace around them” (werkelijke vermogen om vrede te verspreiden)


Enige citaten uit de nominatie teksten:

“To receive peace in one’s heart you need to be “simplified”; and DS people do simplify everyone they meet.”

Jean Vanier:  “….By their presence and gestures they open our hearts to understanding and compassion rather than awaken fear. In a mysterious way they break down the barriers that surround our hearts.”

“Through your simple presence, you enabled us to see inside ourselves, you made us more open, tolerant and respectful of differences.” Anik Larose – AQIS

“… a child with Down Syndrome is always himself, always who he is.”

“… a child with Down Syndrome is always completely present wherever he is. Far from being a burden on our society, a child with Down Syndrome and, through him, the person with Down Syndrome shed a different and beneficial light on our relationship to the world.”

“How cherished this person must be who helps us refocus on the essentials, who cannot live with this essential. It is no longer a handicap nor a deficiency but a treasure for humanity.” Benoît Pigé

“…. in France, 96% of babies with Down Syndrome detected in utero are never born. With the progress being made in prenatal testing today, the perspective of the near-disappearance of persons with Down Syndrome is plausible.”

Lees meer….

Het is ironisch dat juist nu, deze groep mensen genomineerd voor een vredesprijs om hun werkelijk vermogen om vrede te verspreiden zo wordt bedreigd. En daarom zeg ik: #JE SUIS DOWN

Je suis Down

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